There are plenty of recommended locations and activities to enjoy in Japan. Here are some examples:

  • Tokyo Disneyland: Japan’s largest theme park where you can enjoy various Disney characters.
  • Temples and shrines in Kyoto: Experience traditional Japanese architecture and culture.
  • Mount Fuji in the Yamanashi prefecture: Japan’s iconic mountain where you can enjoy mountain climbing and nature walks.
  • Beaches in Okinawa: A popular tourist spot known for its beautiful sea and unique culture.
  • Traditional tea ceremony and kimono experiences: Many programs are available to experience Japanese culture.

As for activities, there are:

  • Outdoor sports in mountains and rivers: Enjoy camping, trekking, rafting, and more.
  • Watching sports: You can watch Japanese sports such as baseball, soccer, and sumo.
  • Food tours: Enjoy local cuisine from different regions in Japan.
  • Hot spring hopping: There are many hot springs to relax in while traveling.
  • Anime and manga pilgrimages: Visit the holy sites of Japanese anime and manga.
  • These locations and activities allow you to fully enjoy the charm of Japan.