Kagoshima, a beautiful region located in the southern part of Japan:


Natural Beauty: Kagoshima is blessed with stunning natural landscapes. The active volcano, Sakurajima, offers a magnificent view that can be observed from the city. Additionally, places like Kirishima and Yakushima provide breathtaking sceneries and hiking trails to explore.

Ibushuki Onsen & Kurokawa Onsen hot springs

The region boasts numerous hot springs or “onsen” areas. Locations like Kurokawa Onsen and Ibusuki Onsen offer a chance to immerse oneself in Japan’s traditional hot spring culture.

Delicious Kagoshima Cuisine

Kagoshima’s local dishes are incredibly mouthwatering. The renowned Kagoshima Kurobuta (black pork) and Karukan (a type of sweet potato cake) are must-try delicacies. Seafood lovers will also be delighted with the abundance of fresh local seafood.

Rich History and Culture

Kagoshima is steeped in history, and there are many historical sites worth visiting. Places like the Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Sengan-en Garden, and Takachiho Gorge offer a glimpse into Japan’s intriguing history and culture.

These are just some of the charms of Kagoshima, but when you visit, you’ll discover even more wonderful surprises. Enjoy a fantastic journey, immersing yourself in the stunning nature, friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and rich cultural heritage that Kagoshima has to offer.